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Key messages from #WPC12 (Demo)

The 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference just finished a few weeks ago in the city of Toronto. In all my experience with Microsoft, this has been an unprecedented event; an event that undoubtedly marks a new era in technology, with multiple announcements from Microsoft set to benefit the business world, education, health, and government.

There were many highlights I witnessed; First, how Microsoft is integrating operating system platforms across devices. In a few months, Windows 8 will allow us to interact in a better way, making communication and collaboration between people even easier. This new interface will be intuitive: children using Xbox and Kinect to advanced users on desktops and Windows Phone will have a similar experience when interacting with applications. That’s a level of ease and performance that only Microsoft can provide today.
Secondly, I could see the strategy of continuity being followed by Microsoft Online Services through the announcement of Office 365 Open, which will once again revolutionize the market, allowing more customers to have access to advanced technology at an attractive price. Plus, new acquisitions such as Yammer and Perceptive Pixel will be tools that will allow organizations to collaborate easier with technology in the immediate future.
The third message I heard at WPC is how Microsoft is competing—and winning—in the market in collaboration with its business partners. There’s no doubt that this is the best partner ecosystem and way of doing business in the World of IT. Microsoft + partners = better together.
For a new era of business you need the best tools, the best team, and the best strategies to compete and win. WPC is by far the best IT event, and it was confirmed this year in Toronto. Thanks to all who made the event possible and thanks to us—Microsoft’s partners—for this year’s results.
Houston, we have a challenge, and we are going to make the goal!

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