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Building your network to build your business with IAMCP at WPC (Demo)

WPC is close. Make sure you get the most from IAMCP Activities.
Hopefully you are registered for WPC and have submitted your awards solutions. Now, it’s time to get ready for the Worldwide Partner Conference in July.
Many things happen at WPC. There will be more than 16,000 people from all over the world with different competencies all looking for new ways to improve their businesses, so of course there are huge opportunities for you too. This year you’ll find many activities organized by partners and Microsoft. In addition to those, you’ll have the chance to attend several activities organized by the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) to give you more opportunities to explore and connect with partners and Microsoft executives. Here’s a preview of activities to consider while you make your 2013 WPC plans:
IAMCP Golf Tournament – The best way to start the event is to arrive early and participate in this sporting event. Many foursomes participate and connect in a social and friendly environment. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an expert playing golf, this is a great opportunity to relax, network and show who you are and what you do in the very beginning of the event. You’ll have a chance to make great connections at the Golf tournament who will be potential partners for your company.
If you are a new attendee or need some guidance to capture the most from the event – IAMCP and Microsoft will be ready to help you once you arrive to WPC. There will be a special first time attendee program to give you information about the event, sessions, meetings, keynotes, parties and all the activities you can attend during the week. We are also going to have the Partner Round-up (IAMCP Speed Networking) on Sunday where you can meet new friends and business connections that will continue guiding you throughout the event.
WIT – Women in Technology – As in previous years during the event, IAMCP and Microsoft organize a forum of roundtables where every women can learn from each other to be successful in the IT industry. You can hear from top leaders from different regions, their success, and how women are leading business.
Prometheus Awards – This is a special event where Partners recognize the great effort and results from Microsoft executives. During the actual fiscal year Partners are evaluating the performance and level of interaction from Microsoft and how they are helping partners to succeed. At WPC, IAMCP recognizes them with trophies during a special ceremony with Jon Roskill and IAMCP members.
IAMCP Party – As part of our tradition at WPC, we welcome you to our party on Monday night. This is the first party at the event, so you can’t miss it. During this social time, you can connect with your new friends from the Golf Tournament, WIT, and Partner Round-up, or make new connections and promote your business in a casual environment. We invite you to join for drinks and great music.
As you can see there are so many great activities to prepare for and we are looking forward to meeting you all at WPC to explore more opportunities and learn about IAMCP. Remember, what starts at WPC continues in your local IAMCP Chapter. So, get involved and get registered for WPC!
See you in Houston, July 2013!
Ulises Aguilar Nahle | Worldwide President | IAMCP
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