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The M’Ready® workshops were designed and implemented in the first place as the answer to the need of the universe of companies focused on the Information Technology market that wanted to transform their business but they couldn´t find a practical way to do so. The reason why we detected this need was that we were part of that group of companies that had the same needs in order to attain growth.

M’Ready® is focused on developing entrepreneurial skills. It was initially created as a complement of the services and products offered in e-Nfinito®. Due to the great success of the program a company was created with the same name “M’Ready®” and it was merged into one sole company, forming a company focused on offering services designed to support other companies to attain their maximum potential.

With the intention of having the know-how, to guide the companies we work with, we joined to the different efforts and generated strategic alliances such as company boards in small and medium size companies, corporations and digital governments nationally and internationally, which allows us to permanently be up to date in order to offer the best to our customers.

Our workshops focus on PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY, as this combination is key to attain success inside or outside companies and at the same time it is crucial for their growth.

We currently have two variations in the M’Ready® workshops, we have the workshops focused on companies who are Microsoft partners and the workshops for any other organization even with different perspectives to those of technology.

Both versions explore in depth issues regarding sales, productivity and marketing in order to help them create new ideas for improvement for the attendees and at the same time they are provided the necessary tools to implement these new ideas in a practical way according to the current situation in their organization. Below you will find a brief description of the workshops and the topics included in them.


Familiarize with the marketing strategies that work out in the new era.

  • Starting the transformation of your company.
  • The meaning of “change”.
  • Define the value proposal and create the right offer.
  • Understand your market, your business and the urgency of both.
  • Create an effective marketing center.
  • Techniques to generate demand.

Business Acceleration

Application of effective sales acceleration models.

  • Know your customer.
  • Sales methodology for small and big size companies.
  • Assess business opportunities and be more efficient.
  • Defining simple company rules.
  • Know your sales force.
  • Advise for approximation of sales.

Collaboration and Productivity

Effective communication in the working team to attain better results.

  • Proper use of the usual technologies to improve communication.
  • Collaborate efficiently.
  • Be more productive in order to improve my living standard.
  • Efficiently manage information in order to reduce response time to my customer´s needs.

M´Ready® Workshops

The topics included to train the staff are MARKETING, SALES, COLLABORATION AND PRODUCTIVITY, it is important to highlight that the workshops have a practical approach and they are characterized for their dynamic application in real situations within their organizations.

Workshops for Microsoft partners

The “Microsoft Partners” workshops were designed not only to train the people involved in the organization in regards of MARKETING, SALES, PRODUCTIVITY AND COLLABORATION but also for them to be prepared to use the tools they were given by Microsoft through a special module.


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