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Finishing my agenda for #WPC12…Now #MReady for Toronto! Here we go! (Demo)

I am so excited about the #WPC12 in Toronto, 14 years ago I started my first worldwide event for partners with Microsoft and it was an incredible experience; every year I confirmed that WPC is the BEST EVENT in the IT industry.

This year I am sure will be one of the most interesting WPC, because we are going to have the opportunity to hear directly from Microsoft top executives the strategies and vision of Microsoft for the next years. A lot of innovation will be present at this event, tablets, software, devices, phones, solutions, services, value too much value to us and then we can return to our countries and show this disruptive technologies to our customers and continue working for a better world using the best IT in the market.

My agenda is focus on networking; know more partners from the entire world, talk to them about what we do with M´Ready (Sales and Marketing program) and also to hear from them about great solutions to continue growing together. Also do networking with Microsoft executives to hear from them some good ideas on how to implement more great stuff and also to show them our results in this fiscal year.

Second, my agenda is also full of sessions, because this year a t the WPC we have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders about sales, marketing, consulting services, strategies, technology, emerging markets, best practices, etc. etc.. So if you are planning to go to Toronto, you have to prepare your agenda with a couple of sessions every hour to have plan “a” and plan “b” just in case.

Also in my agenda there are some good connections and I am planning to visit Solution Innovation Center (Expo Hall) and there I am sure to find great solutions from Partners.

Of course that every attendee are going to have the chance to see Steve Ballmer, Deepak Chopra, Jon Roskill, Katie Quigley, Julie Benani, Karl Noakes, Ross Brown and a lot of great Microsoft leaders that will share a bunch of knowledge, be prepare for this wave!!!

Definitely parties and social meetings will be a key during the event, I´ve also put on my agenda several dinners, parties and 1:Many sessions where we can interact and know each other in a more cassual environment.

This is definitely a NEW ERA on the WPC, a big change in our industry, you have be prepare to take advantage on it – If we can collaborate more and more between Partners and Microsoft, I am sure we can continue been simply The Best ecosystem!, Remember, always will be BETTER TOGETHER!

M´Ready for WPC… Are you?

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