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#MReady for the New Era…Are you? (Demo)

First, there are some many technologies changing day by day, new smartphones, new devices, new software, new platforms, new new new…at the end of the day we need to use what its most important for us and help us to do something that really matters.

Nowadays consumers are always buying IT just because we see a lot of marketing stuff, but not necessarily because is something helpful, think about it. So, in the NEW ERA I recommend to you to look at those things that make a difference in your life, maybe for entertainment, maybe for productivity, sometimes because you have some goals and technology facilitates the results, but never buy something just because the one next door have it or because everyone mention it; please evaluate it before expend some money on it. When I say evaluate, I mean look at many options that you have in the market, get informed, analyze it and then decide for what you consider the most appropriate it.

If we follow this simple process then we can demand for better IT that really help people in life. Do not forget that the most important in the IT equation ARE YOU!

Second, the NEW ERA also means that we have the opportunity in life to do something different, something that create a better world for you and for everyone. If you follow these simple statements I am sure you can contribute a lot.

1.- Do want you most like in the better way you can
2. – Always try to benefit the most people you can on everything you do in your life (including yourself of course)
3. – Enjoy the journey

Wish you all the BEST

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