Thank you, to all the people who have been with us through all these years: associates and partnership. Thanks to their support we have learnt and achieved great success. Thank you, to our customers, because of the challenges we have overcome, they are the engines that push us to continue working for them and for you. Finally, thank you, to our families!

M’Ready® … ¿are you?

Due to the success with the M’Ready® program, Microsoft selected us to be consultants in the business transformation of their partners in LATAM and we started a working tour delivering the workshops that helped other companies to move their business to the Cloud, attaining big success.
Our director is appointed for the second time as World President of Microsoft partners, this position performs and supports worldwide growth of this association. This same year the M´Ready® program evolves to its 2.0 version and the working tour starts once more throughout 16 countries in order to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and their working teams.
M’Ready® is known worldwide and it is rewarded by Microsoft one more time during their international event, due to the fact that we took this digital transformation program for businesses to the education segment, in one of the most prestigious university of the continent, the M’Ready® program is developed for university students who are in their senior year just before their graduation, with the aim to provide them tools and knowledge that help them to accelerate their transition into their professional working life. The M´Ready® University program turns out to be the winner of the world prizes.
The M’Ready® program is consolidated and taken beyond the information technology world, after having trained and transferred knowledge to more than 3,200 companies worldwide, we started implementing this in governments, companies in all type of markets and also in education, being repeatedly successful and proving itself in the IT industry. With the maturity level acquired we started offering new conference services, workshops, consulting services and of course, the Office 365 Platform to continue supporting our customers’ evolution.
2016 is a year with a great number of achievements and vast maturity of the business. We continue participating with Microsoft in different boards, working with their customers, partners and in the ecosystem in general. In an international point of view, we are striving to go into the European and Asiatic markets with the services of the M´Ready® program, now in its 3.0 version.
We grew up to the point we achieved different certifications and consolidated various strategic alliances with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, IBM, Avaya, Panduit, Belden, just to mention a few, with the aim to specialize in different technological solutions that were being demanded in the market. The products and services that we offered in the two first years were focused in the state of Guanajuato. By the year 2002, Microsoft granted our first international award during their world associates event held in Anaheim, CA. I also need to mention we have been awarded by the CISCO associates program, we continued to grow internationally with big corporations.
Our company´s key idea and philosophy has always been focused on our customers, providing them business solutions according to their needs and vision of growth. Always striving to maximize their investments in technology and contributing on their plans for future investment. In 2003 we already had bundled products which we frequently implemented for different customers in corporate offices nationally, solutions such as e-Forms®, e-Doc Manager®, e-Signature®, amongst others, quickly consolidating the company´s success as well as the innovative solutions.
By the year 2004, we formally settled as a software manufacturer forming and developing new talents through programs with local Universities and expanding our operations to Monterrey, Tijuana, Veracruz and Mexico City. This same year we created an accelerated program for technology companies named “Nacxit” to incubate technology companies in the country, being pioneers and innovators in Mexico.
In the year 2006, we remained as a technological innovation company and started our business transformation towards a scheme of consulting services for big corporations, Federal Government and Universities. After we acquired more experience by implementing the collaboration and productivity solutions, we decided to start exploring the international market and we joined IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) and with this, the expansion to other markets started. Starting with USA, Canada and LATAM.
The transformation of the company is completed at a 100%, we started our own internal transition to the cloud and to the scheme of services and solutions, leaving behind the traditional sale of products and transactions. During this year there were many achievements such as the certification of the first company in the state of Guanajuato in the model known as CMMi Level II. In this same year, the internally created program, M’Ready®, is officially launched with Microsoft, it is a consulting program focused on developing business skills which go beyond technology, the soft part of the business, the marketing skills, sales, innovation, services and business strategy. This previously mentioned program started in Mexico with 282 associates and was very successful and accepted by them. This allowed us to start the path to its globalization together with Microsoft in order to help companies in the ecosystem of associates (technology companies) in their digital transformation.
e-Nfinito® innovating once more and leaving the traditional market behind.
We continued to implement the Cloud to the first companies in the region, which with their innovative vision started the transformation of their businesses. Our company has always cared about being at the leading edge in technology and because of that same issue we search for those companies that want to make the difference in their corresponding market. The Cloud has been a technological platform that helps companies to be more productive and it is a service we have sustained through time.
Ulises Aguilar Nahle, M’Ready®´s CEO, is appointed as World President of IAMCP and with this he takes the company to an international level. Achievements in more than 80 countries become a reality. The M’Ready® program, now converted into the company, is known worldwide.
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