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What #IAMCP and #WPC are About (Demo)

I am so excited to share with you all my first impressions about the next Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that is coming this July in Houston, TX. As Worldwide (WW) President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), it’s my pleasure to invite you to attend this event. As partners it provides us with great opportunities to continue growing our businesses.
WPC is your chance to get information directly from Microsoft’s top executives about strategies, innovation and how to get the best results in your partnership. Partners can also take advantage of guidance on soft and technical skills from IT experts.
Through IAMCP you can also get to know more partners around the world and extend your business through partner-to-partner relationships during the event in Houston.
I’ve learned from the past 14 years attending this event that the most valuable thing we can do is create new partnerships and take advantage of belonging to IAMCP.  Through my attendance and membership I had the opportunity to grow my own company into 14 countries and have strong relationships with partners from all over the world. Also, as a win-win relationship, we are now providing solutions with them and creating new business together. It’s a great opportunity that you cannot miss.
In the new era of business, the best way to grow is through collaboration.
IAMCP is more than just companies doing business, we are a family. It is a different approach when you work based on trust, loyalty and ethics to grow together. I believe this is what many companies are looking for to find the right person, partner, team, to do business with. That is also exactly what IAMCP and WPC are all about.
I urge you to attend the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and to join IAMCP to help transform your business, and to win more.
This year, Microsoft is preparing the best WPC yet for our community. It will be my pleasure to see you in Houston and learn, innovate, connect and enjoy the Worldwide Partner Conference together.
Also be sure to follow the series of posts that will be published on this blog that are contributed by other members of IAMCP, representing diverse points-of-view from across the world.
Warm regards,
Ulises Aguilar Nahle

IAMCP WW President

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